Apex Baking Company is a family owned and operated business.

About The Apex Baking Company

Our mission is to restore the pleasure of baked goods for those who have a gluten sensitivity. At Apex Baking Company, we personally understand the frustration caused by the lack of choice and public awareness around the difficulty of a gluten free diet. We have been to banquets where the main dish was pasta. We have been to cookouts where the only thing we could eat was a hot dog (literally, just the meat). We have tried Internet recipes and store bought products only to have them either taste dry, dirty, or dusty. Most importantly, we have sat at a restaurant and watched helplessly while everyone else ate the chocolate molten lava cake. Apex Baking Company has developed gluten free flour and gluten free baking recipes that everyone can enjoy, gluten free and non-gluten free alike. We have worked very hard on taste and texture, trying to replicate those familiar experiences that were core to us growing up and core to our every day family lives. Most importantly, we are trying to restore the joy of fellowship that comes through food to you and your loved ones.

The History

It all started in 2012 after 6 frustrating years of trying to find treatment for Rheumatoid Arthritis for Aleta. After trying every kind of western and eastern medicine, we found Dr. Amy Meyers. Dr. Meyers is a functional medical doctor that immediately treated for food sensitivities. Among the plethora of food sensitivities, gluten ranked the highest. After we eliminated gluten and underwent other treatment, the RA symptoms decreased 90%.

While it was wonderful to live pain free, it was miserable to not be able to enjoy certain foods anymore. At this point Aleta’s husband, Darren (a recreational baker and Information Technology consultant), started researching gluten free baking. After years of trial, error, and baking disaster, he finally learned the properties that governed good gluten free baking. From there, he perfected his base gluten free flour and was able to develop recipes that obeyed the properties of this gluten free flour. The end result was the restoration of pancakes, brownies, scones, cookies, donuts (yes, donuts) and pizza dough back to the family menu. The timing of all this was perfect. In 2014, the oldest son, Paul, showed signs of gluten insensitivity. We know that if you are reading this, you can relate to our struggle. We all need food. We all love food. We all love baked goods. Apex Baking Company went into business out of a compelling to help those of you who are frustrated, hurt, and feel defeated by gluten sensitivity. We hope our products and passion will restore choice, joy and hope to you.


Darren and Aleta Hoch
Founders, Apex Baking Company